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What sort of electrical connection is needed?

If your spa is 120V, all that is needed is a standard household 110V/15 Amp dedicated outlet. No other appliance should be plugged in and no extension cord should be used.

If your spa is 240V then a GFCI breaker (not included) must be installed* to accommodate your particular spa’s peak amp draw, per your local electrical code.

*Electrical Connections must be made by a qualified, licensed residential electrician. Improper installations present hazards which can result in personal injury or property damage and void the warranty on the spa. Please see the Pre-delivery Guide and/or Owners Manual for additional information.

Will my deck support a spa?

When installing your spa on a deck or other structure, please consult a contractor to ensure the structure will support the weight of your spa. To properly identify the weight of your new spa when full, remember water weighs 8.33 lbs. per gallon. For example, an average Evolution acrylic spa holds approximately 350 gallons of water. Using this formula, you will find that the weight of the water alone is 2,916 lbs. Combine the dry weight of the spa with the water weight and many Evolution spas will weigh close to 4,000 lbs. when full of water, plus the weight of occupants.

Is any plumbing required for my new Evolution Spa?

No plumbing is needed. Just place your Evolution Spa on solid, level surface and fill with a garden hose.

How is the spa shipped?

The spa is shipped on a pallet, placed on end. It is delivered to your curb. In order to move the spa from the curb to wherever you want to place it, we recommend hiring a mover with a pallet lifter. Make sure that there are no obstructions on the delivery path, like low hanging branches, air conditioners, gas meters, or steps. In addition to hiring a professional to place the spa, we recommend hiring a professional electrician to connect your spa if it is to run on 240V.

Is it better to place the spa inside or outside?

Indoor spa installations typically cost more, which is why most hot tubs are placed outside. Structural considerations include making sure your indoor property can accommodate the weight of the hot tub and provide humidity ventilation. Additionally, check with your area’s building department for any indoor spa building codes. An alternative to building your spa inside is to build your spa outside within a spa enclosure or beneath a villa.

Is it difficult to maintain a clean spa?

To reduce the amount of chemicals used, Evolution spas are equipped with both an ozonator (or are ozone-ready) and a telescopic, pleated, floating weir, filtration system. Over 90% of contaminants float on the surface of the water (think, suntan oil, etc.) Our advanced filtration cartridge automatically adjusts to water level, cleaning water more effectively for safer, cleaner water. The ozonator water purification system creates a more pure form of ozone which destroys contaminants, reducing the amount of chemicals needed. Follow your preferred chemical regimen and properly test for total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels. These simple tests, frequently done, will keep your spa clean and ready to enjoy!

Should I leave space around the spa for service and maintenance?

We recommend all four sides of the spas be accessible for service. Our suggestion is a minimum of 18-24 inches. This will allow you or a service technician room to access the plumbing and the equipment in case service is needed on your spa. If the spa is sunken or dropped into a deck and access cannot easily be had we strongly recommend an access panel be built into the deck so the service tech can successfully service your spa. If any additional labor is required due to difficult access of the tub, that cost will not be covered under the warranty.

Can you tell me more about the lights on the Evolution spas?

All Evolution spas feature a programmable, multi-color, LED underwater light feature that can be set to stay on a single color or sequence through a succession of colors. This light feature is always fun, but in the evening it provides both safety and dramatic beauty.

Some spas also feature LED points of light in addition to the main underwater light. These individual lights are placed around the top of the spa shell. All points of light display a single color or sequence through a succession of colors in tandem with the main light, greatly enhancing the total dramatic effect. Some spas also feature additional LED points of light on the outside of the spa, as well as lighted jets, lighted control knobs and lighted waterfalls/features.

Can you tell me more about the cover?

Most Evolution spas come with a high-quality vinyl insulated tapered spa cover. The tapered design keeps water from accumulating on your spa, so the cover stays fresh. The cover is insulated and will increase the energy efficiency of your spa. It will also keep out leaves and debris, as well as discourage animals and children from getting into an unattended spa.

How much space does the acrylic spa cover require when not on spa?

Approximately 42.5"h x 10"w when folded in half and propped against spa.

How high is an Evolution acrylic spa from top to bottom with softcover?

39.5 inches

Tell me more about the seating configuration? And the depths of the seats?

If your Evolution acrylic model has a full body lounge, the spa should hold 6 adults comfortably. The lounge’s jet configuration was designed to accommodate persons of various heights, from petite to tall. The seating configuration includes individual seats of varying depths so everyone can find their perfect fit.

What is the cost to run per day?

Evolution’s acrylic spas have been designed to run as low as 50¢ per day with water kept at 102° with controls in economy mode. Heater operation may vary depending on installation and ambient conditions. Electric costs will vary by region.

How do I access the pump, pack and jets if need be?

Most acrylic Evolution spa have been uniquely engineered with 360 degree access to all internal components without emptying and turning over spa. Evolution’s rotationally molded spas are equipped with a convenient access door near the front of the spa.